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Monday, January 3, 2011

Save Paper Use Print Less PDF Documents With WWF Format

21st century marked the countless progress going on all throughout the globe. Some developments are beneficial to mankind but it brings a great impact to planet earth. One of the most used and important tool worldwide is the printer along with the computer and as a result this paper consuming device consumes tons of paper day by day in offices and homes. 
One of the most used format for documents which could save a variety of contents like data files, websites, newsletter, brochures, emails and books online is the PDF system. Making use of the standard PDF program is the most trouble-free means to save any documents but, this program has a print button on it.
World Wildlife Fund or WWF created a new green file format called the WWF to put an end to needless printing and increasing the awareness of proper use of paper. The newest outline for viewing documents features the absence of a print button through WWF format which intends to widen the “Think before You” print program and to keep away from pointless printing as well as eventually stop forests devastation.
 By means of WWF software, generating your own WWF document is free of charge and effortless. This software can be used by private companies and organizations using MAC and Windows operating system. There is a “SAVE AS WWF” option that can be seen on the print menu after the installation of software. MAC users can convert any documents they want to WWF format by means of a WWF converter.
However, you still have all the liberty to print documents you want using your printer but you need to consider many times before printing every documents.
 Visit to download WWF software for MAC or PC.


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