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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ranking Tools: This Week in Social Media

Multiple Google+ Page Managers Now Possible:

There are a few new features on Google+ Pages including multiple admins, or page managers. You can now have up to 50 page managers for your business page. There are also notifications for page managers to stay in the loop.

Here are a few social media tools:

Shareaholic’s Top Posts App: This app shows bloggers their most popular content, keywords, traffic sources and demographics for 2011 by leveraging Google Analytics.

ZoomSphere: This nifty tool ranks the top brand pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

incentiBox: This is a free community rewards program solution to allow e-commerce stores to create their own social media–based customer rewards program.

Frrole: This allows you to follow locally relevant social news on Twitter.

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